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  • I once was told that, If I was to tell my story that I should write it with a positive message.  I agreed, but I really had no idea how I would do this.  
My daughter is struggling with her own issues, so I was well prepared for any mental health challenges.  The only way I could help her was based on my experience on becoming Happy! 
One day I decided to reflect on my life, and I found out I was not depressed anymore.  Wow, I thought, I think I am happy.  It was true. I no longer depressed after 20 years.  
Life moves along and I wondered what got me here.  I am strong! I believe with my faith in God that I am able to achieve anything. My life has purpose. 
Positive thinking is always a good way to start your happiness journey.  Positive thinking feeds on itself.  It is hard to be happy when, all you expect is a negative outcome. 
I am always grateful for my blessings.  It seems that the more that I am thankful for, the more opportunities present themselves.
I was diagnosed with major depression when I was 18. (I am 43 now) I accepted my diagnosis, and now appreciate every small joy in my life.
Even as I reflect back now on my life, I can say I have never been happier.  I also discovered that my depression was something that I suffered all my life.  
Recently I received a diagnosis that my life has been cut a little short.  I chose to live the rest of my life with joy in my heart. Hopefully inspire everyone to learn from there own life struggles, and learn the lessons that are given to you.  Life is amazing!  Grab a hold of it and LIVE! 

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