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  • I was a woman fleeing from abuse and instead of getting help from social services I suffered further abuse and lost custody of my son because I was staying at a transition house. I went to court but my parental rights were terminated because the mental problems  I suffered from being in an abusive relationship would Impair my ability to parent and because of my disability.
I never went back to that abusive relationship I moved forward I became a volunteer for The Elizabeth Fry Society and helped women who flee from abuse who are highly marginalized and homeless. I have been a volunteer for 12 years and will be going to college in spite my disability there is beauty from the ashes. I think most women wont get help because they fear will lose custody of their children and stay in an abusive relationship or aren’t aware that they aren’t alone or there is even support available.
The government should do more for women and women need to fight harder to have our voices heard. No women should suffer violence and shame on the government for not doing enough! No women should have to loose custody because she suffered abuse!  

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