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Hello, my name is Ruby. I want to share with you why I decided to become an advocate for Mental Health. It’s because of a dream I had… about a lady, she was complaining how her life is going to suck now because she has been diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2. She was complaining to her daughter. “I am not going to be able to work anymore.” she said. 
The lady was very upset; she thought she was going to be labeled as not a normal person anymore. “No, I also have Bipolar Type 2 , you can still work and it’s not bad to be Bipolar.” I said. She doesn’t respond so I repeated myself to her but I yelled this time. I came to realize she can’t hear or see me. I feel like God sent me a message which is, I am trying to tell people about being Bipolar but my voice isn’t loud enough. I am not reaching out to people enough. I am not helping others. So I have decided to become an advocate for Mental Health. I am Bipolar (Type 2) & I have ADHD. I am not ashamed anymore.

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