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  • I have been trying desperately to get my life back from the absolute hell that’s been plaguing me daily forever now. I literally have had mental illness steal the life right out of me now for almost 12 years and am not going to take it anymore. I suffer from several mental illnesses such as PTSD, OCD, severe agoraphobia, clinical depression, severe panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and who knows what else because I sustained a Traumatic brain injury that went undiagnosed when I was attacked so brutally by a violent criminal that I had to have emergency reconstructive surgery on my whole left side of my face and head. I am so sick of feeling so alone and exiled by everyone who used to be there for me. I literally used to have hundreds of friends and now that they kind of know what I deal with, have almost all abandoned me and labeled me as a lazy, depressed, over emotional and lying loser. It has been so hard for me to watch everyone slowly stop calling or texting me to the point where I feel like a stranger to those who I would do anything for. I am beyond tired of being so sad, lonely, stigmatized, and ultimately judged so harshly by the amount of issues that I have within my brain. I suffer daily from anxiety that is so bad it escalates into debilitating panic attacks on a regular basis. I have to try everything to overcome this, this is not a life anyone deserves to live. I just recently started a charity and am trying to raise money for several things that’ll finally allow me the chance to fight for a more meaningful life. I want so badly a fair chance to take back the life I have and dedicate it towards the banishment of all stigmas associated with mental illnesses. I want to help people in the same situation as I am, people who have hidden it for so many years that they can’t possibly go on a day longer without a miracle. People who like me, don’t have anybody or anything else besides fears, suffering, and hopeless abandonment.  My name is Scott Wesney and I suffer from mental illness that I have tried to hide for almost 12 years now. I love you all and hope that you can find a friend in me.

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