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  • Kim’s Story
There is no one situation that is better than the other, or one that justifies more attention than another when it comes to mental illness. I let someone get to me so bad in my life that I tried to commit suicide to “solve the problem.” Luckily, it was a failed attempt, but it didn’t end there, and it hasn’t been an easy journey. I let myself go downhill mentally and physically, until I finally realized it was time for change. I still struggle on a daily basis with my mental illness, which has officially been diagnosed as Bipolar II. I am still learning to deal with all that comes with it…the changing of medications until we get it right, the insomnia, the mood swings, the manic episodes, the crazy depression…and never feeling normal. The only thing that has kept me sane through this process is a small group of friends for support and the amount of time I chose to invest into fitness. Fitness has changed and saved my life in such a way, that I truly believe I am capable of helping others save their lives by investing even just a small amount of time into something that can be so fun and stress-relieving.
I have had amazing results, and will get even more amazing results now that I will be on a set program. I just became a fitness coach and am embarking on a new fitness challenge. I highly recommend it for anyone going through anything in their life they believe is unbearable or they cannot change…because this will change your life for the better. To all those suffering from mental illness, you are beautiful. You are not alone. You have a friend in me, and I love you all. The picture I’m attaching is me on the left at one of my heaviest weights…and me on the right this past Saturday after completing my first 100-mile bike ride. Anything is possible with the right attitude and support group. 

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