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  • I was born in the projects of Bethel Heights listening to gun fire almost every night.  I felt protected because I had my dad by my side.  At the age of 3 my parents divorced and I had to be raised in a single parent home.  At the age of five my brother molested me.  I was never upset with him and I forgave him because I knew a young girl did the same to him.  I later started school.  I had slurred speech and didn’t care to make friends so I was bullied by my peers.  A young girl wanted to fight me so I decided to take my own life at the age of eight.  I looked into the medicine cabinet for medication to take but I could not find any.  
My mother remarried and I ended up being physically abused by my step dad.  The abuse was so severe that God blocked it from my memory.  At the age of only 23 the brother that molested me committed suicide.  This was very devastating to me and my entire family.  I didn’t want to give up hope.  I had dreams and goals so with my mother’s encouraging words I went on to college and received my BA degree in Psychology.  This was the proudest moment in my life.  I felt like I could concur the world.  I had no idea of the trauma that would soon unfold. 
It took a year to find a job but I found one in the field of mental health.  I hated the way the therapist used to talk about the patients in the break room, naming names and telling of their patient’s life tragedies.  One therapist said, “This child’s file is so thick there’s no hope for him.”   It was also very stressful going from one client’s house to another hearing about their severe family problems.   I quit that job to find another one and this was the start of my downward spiral.  I started seeing faces everywhere.  There were faces in the sheets, faces in the walls, faces in the rugs.  I began getting migraine headaches everyday for six months.  I began having racing thoughts, delusions, hallucinations.  I began talking to myself, laughing, crying, all at the same time.  I was then baker acted. The doctors sat me down, looked me in the eye, and said, “You have the most debilitating mental illness known in mental health, paranoid schizophrenia.  I felt I was normal.  I never had any disciplinary problems in school and I made good grades so I refused the medication and was hospitalized six times.  My family took a picture of me at my worst and that’s when I knew I needed help. 
I’ve been taking medication now for seven years without a relapse.  During my first episode God told me that a movie would be made about me and I would later become wealthy.  I didn’t have a job, a car, or any money but I had faith that one day his revelation would come to light.  Now I have four movie directors so far that want to produce a movie about my book which is now required reading at SPC College.  My message is through God any dream is possible.  He has a dream for you bigger than what you can imagine.  In my speeches I teach that people with disabilities are more likely to own their own businesses than people without disabilities.   One of the keys to success that I give for readers in my book is to walk out on faith.  Began living out your dreams.  Do what you love for free and then start reading books and go online and find out how you can make a living doing what you love to do.  You may have a gift.  You may discover your God giving talent and if that’s true you will excel over many.  Life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how your react to it.  Oprah, Tyler Perry, Monique, Angela Basset, Rick Lake, all were molested.  They all found God.  They used that negative energy to manifest greatness! Never give up!

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